Create and send custom embed to a channel programatically

Md Shahriyar Alam

4 days ago

Construct Embed

pymyEmbed = Message(
  content="Message outside embed",
  title="This is title",
  url="", # A link thats clickable on title
  description="This is just a description",
  color=0xffffff, # Any hex code here followed by `0x`
    ("Field Title", "Field Value", true), # last one is inline value can be true or false
    ("Another Field", "This is awesome", true),
  image="", # Any image here
  thumbnail="", # Any image here
  footer="This is footer text",
  footer_icon="", # Icon shows beside footer
  timestamp=interaction.created_at, # For current time

Send the embed

pysend_message(channel_id, myEmbed)

Both code must be in pre or post hook.

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