How to use custom slash commands bot

Md Shahriyar Alam

4 days ago

This blog is about how you can use the Custom Slash Commands bot.


First you have to invite this bot into your server. Use this link to do so https://discord.comClick Here. Then you can select your server and start making commands.

Creating command

To create a command, You need to click on create and then select command. You can find them on the sidebar. Custom Slash Command

Then you have to fill out the command form. The name description and content is required to be filled. You can keep other fields blank Custom Slash Command

Then you can click on the green Create Command button. And your command will be created.


After you create a command you will be able to see a Sync Now button on the top of the page Sync Custom Slash Command

Also in the commands page. You have to click on that button everytime you see it. Otherwise your commands might not work as expected, or you might not be able to even see it in your server.

After the command has been synced, You will be able to see it in your server when you press / on your server and execute it.

Video Tutorial

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